LUT Junior University

Courage, inspiration and insights: kids are swept up by science!

LUT is a university of bold individuals where studies aim open-mindedly for a better tomorrow. Clean energy and water, a circular economy, and sustainable business are key questions to which we seek solutions through expertise in technology and business.  LUT Junior University gives the future generation a taste of what it's like. We aim to awaken their interest in science, technology, business and university studies. Our collaboration with local schools dates back nearly 20 years!

We collaborate closely with schools and other partners to build a better future especially in Lappeenranta, Lahti and Imatra. The Junior University supplies schools with the most recent research data and provides access to our students' expertise to support the education of children and youth. We want to support those who will build our future and have curiosity that will change the world.


The experimental physics classroom or ABB classroom was officially opened in autumn 2000 and welcomes 800 students from local schools annually. The visitors are mainly students in upper secondary and basic education. In its first years, the classroom focused on experimental physics exercises. At the moment, it offers comprehensive tutorials related to the environment, energy and electricity.

The LUMA Centre Saimaa is a joint organisation of LUT University and LAB University of Applied Sciences that aims to foster and promote the teaching and learning of natural sciences, mathematics and technology at all educational levels and increase interest in natural sciences, mathematics and technology among children and youth.

The LUMA Centre Saimaa is part of the LUMA Centre Finland. The entire network consists of 13 LUMA Centres and strengthens and promotes the centres' activity and mutual collaboration in Finland and internationally. The network's StarT programme, an umbrella for LUMA activities, supports phenomenon-based learning and is an important part of the national mission of LUMA Centres.

Unique collaboration with municipal education

In 2018, LUT University and the City of Lappeenranta launched a new form of education collaboration, which is incorporated into the curricula of local schools. Its content has been designed in cooperation with teachers in early childhood education, basic education and upper secondary education based on LUT University's three strategic focus areas: clean energy, a circular economy, and sustainable business and entrepreneurship. Annually, the programme engages students in early childhood education, the third, fifth and eight grade, and upper secondary schools, amounting to roughly 3500 students and their teachers.

In addition to Lappeenranta, LUT collaborates similarly with the City of Imatra and is planning equivalent education collaboration with the City of Lahti. Read more about our cities of cooperation.

Cooperation with upper secondary schools

LUT University collaborates with upper secondary schools both locally and nationally. LUT offers courses to upper secondary school students, provides visiting lecturers for the schools' own courses, executes courses in cooperation with teachers of the schools, and hosts student visits to the Skinnarila campus. LUT will increase and systematise this collaboration in the academic year 2019−2020.

The aim is to awaken the interest of upper secondary school students in academic studies, develop the students' competencies to carry out academic studies, provide the latest research data for schools' courses, and make LUT University better known.