The Systems Engineering team teaches and studies methods for complex system analysis and synthesis. It sees modern systems as blends of interacting socio-technical elements in various domains (technological, economic, social, environmental, etc.) during a system's lifetime – from design to utilisation.

The team develops interdisciplinary quantitative and qualitative approaches to the design and synthesis of complex systems.


Research areas

  • Systematic methods for system conceptual design (TRIZ and other algorithms for conceptual design support, automated data/text mining, patent/paper data processing)
  • Modelling and simulation of complex systems (mathematical modelling, simulations, scenario analysis)
  • Optimisation (methods for system parameter optimisation, optimisation of structures)
  • System control (control and management design, programme and feedback control, control quality)


We enjoy the access to standard university facilities. Our computers are slightly tailored for computational tasks. We developed our own digital education platform to customise it better for teaching projects we have.

Group members

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