Software Engineering research area focuses on software and systems development challenges in the digitalizing society. It specializes in software technologies and practices that enhance software quality, increase development productivity, introduce new innovations in software, and makes software and its development sustainable. The research conducted is driven by empirical evidence and focuses on IT artifacts produced and used by professionals, citizens and organizations, at the workplace, in the society and in the marketplace. Empirical evidence is often collected via field studies conducted in real-world organizations in different fields and industries. These dimensions of empirical evidence make the results relevant for the practice and guarantee a high potential for advancing the theory.

The research on software engineering focuses both on technology and its use in business environments. The research topics include not only business activities, organizations, and innovation, but the group's important expertise lies in technical development as well.


Research areas

  • Software and systems development practices and methods
  • Sustainable software engineering
  • Software product management
  • Software business
  • Software quality management
  • Global software engineering
  • Game software development


The research is supported by laboratory spaces both in Lappeenranta and Lahti that provide seamless environment for experiments on virtual and distributed software development collaboration.

Group members

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