University Business Collaboration Platform (UniBus)

The research programme proposes the conception of a collaborative cloud based platform that implements a new methodology to support higher education institutions to link with businesses across Europe. The platform will support companies to manage and implement complex innovation processes by taking advantage of universities' research and technological knowledge and expertise in a systematic way, by enabling an open multi-agent focused innovation (i.e. university/business focused innovation). The project aims to provide a framework to build Business-University collaboration with number of collaboration tools. The broader aim of the project includes designing the methodology in such a way that would make Knowledge Triangle work.

The project has a strong industrial and academic basis; putting together the combined efforts of 8 reputed industrial and academic organisations in the way to strengthen the bond between businesses and universities. This big effort will result in a methodology and collaborative platform that will be validated and assessed in predefined business scenarios at these organizations. Project consortium consists of 7 partners from Turkey, Finland and UK. Coordinator: Bahcesehir University (Turkey). Project timeline: 1.11.2017-31.8.2020. Erasmus+ Programme.

LUT, Kouvola Unit

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