If I were to meet a 5-years-younger version of myself, I certainly would have something to tell her. As this meeting is probably not happening, I can instead have some fun conversations with somebody else who is interested in.

I am Alyona, I am currently a researcher at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden. It all began in Moscow where I obtained my first degree in Innovation Management. There I also worked in a logistics company with service purchasing and operations. I then studied Industrial Engineering in LUT (and did a bit of research) and moved on to do research to Sweden.

In past 5 years in Sweden, I have done a few interviews with top professionals in logistics and transportation, have written several journal papers and was involved in teaching. I have also traveled for work (and not only) a lot to meet my colleagues from around the world and to learn. I like my work because it has a lot of wow-moments, it is very flexible, educative and…, well, it is challenging. It is also up to me (one can say) to decide when my work is “good enough” and it is tough (and rewarding) to be your own quality manager.

In my free time I like outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and kayaking, I like languages and photography, sometimes I also like to do not much and simply to rest.

I will try to help my mentee to focus on important. I also have quite a few tips to share on what to focus on when starting up (again) in a new country. I can talk about logistics and its trends, and about research in general. Many things have happened in the past few years given all the disruptions.

I think I am very understanding person and people often like to share their thoughts and worries with me – when spoken up they are not so scary anymore.

For the mentee… I think we would have something to talk about if you consider trying it out in Academia (it’s fun here! Peculiar kind of fun) or in logistics, or if you want to get work experience abroad. It also shall work very well for us if the text above simply responded to you in one way or another.

P.S. I think it is amazing initiative to connect LUT students from different generations, my appreciation!

Studies at LUT: Industrial Engineering, 2017
Mentoring language: English

Photo of Alena Khaslavskaya
When thoughts and worries are spoken up they are not so scary anymore.
Alena Khaslavskaya
PhD Candidate, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden