I have graduated from Business Administration in 2007. My major was management and leadership and minor was computer science. I currently work as a Safety Director for Packaging Materials Division at Stora Enso Oyj.

During my career I have worked in several positions connected with safety development and management. I have work experience from municipality sector as well as from technology, chemical and forest industries. My main professional interests and expertise concentrate in creating organisation’s safety culture, motivating people and developing management and leadership practices.

I have worked all over the world and my way of developing safety procedures is tightly connected with efficiency and quality management. I have also consulted several listed companies in Finland. I spend my leisure time with my family and crossfit, but I also have time for relaxing and online games.

I strongly believe that a leader succeeds because of his/her team. Therefore, I would like to mentor a person who would like to develop him/herself and his/her team to succeed in safety, efficiency and well-being.

Studies at LUT: Business Administration, 2007

Mentoring language: Finnish or English

Photo of Jani Jumppanen
I strongly believe that a leader succeeds because of his/her team.
Jani Jumppanen
Safety Director, Stora Enso, Finland