I graduated from LUT Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) degree program in 2015. During my studies I worked one year in Switzerland, which sparked an interest toward an international career. While I majored in Cost Management, after graduation I ended up in supply chain, operations and project management where I’ve built my expertise ever since.

I started my career in Unilever (consumer goods sector) in Finland. After four years in Finland, life took me to Luxembourg where I currently work as Senior Program Manager in global logistics in Amazon’s (e-commerce) European headquarter. In total I have 8+ years experience in various roles.

I have personally gained a lot from different mentors in my career and I value mentoring a lot. When I noticed LUT’s mentoring program, I felt enthusiasm about the idea itself and also about the opportunity to personally contribute and help. I hope that I am able to give valuable guidance and share my experiences/anecdotes to help someone to improve career planning and have a good transition towards professional career. I feel that my experiences might resonate most with IEM students, however, I do not see any restrictions to mentor students from other degree programs.

Studies at LUT: Industrial Engineering and Management, 2015
Mentoring language: Finnish or English

Photo of Antti Yli-Moijala
I have personally gained a lot from mentors in my career and I value mentoring a lot.
Antti Yli-Moijala
Senior Program Manager, Amazon, Luxembourg