I am a strategic business leader with strong sales and people management skills. I have worked in different sales, marketing and account management related positions in IT sector during past 15 years. I have planned and executed successfully multiple business growth strategies that have included customer acquisition, sales and marketing strategies. In addition, I have experience in building up a sales team from scratch and leading customer teams of large corporate customers.

My educational background consists of a Master’s Programme of International Marketing Management in LUT University and a Bachelor Degree of Marketing and Logistics in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. I have also studied as an exchange student in the USA and Spain.

As a person, I am ambitious, organized and kind with genuine interest in others. I always tend to look at things from a positive perspective and love to turn challenges into opportunities. I get inspired from meeting new people from different backgrounds and as a mentor I can not only help others to find their own strengths and get further in their career paths but also develop myself as a supervisor, leader, mentor and coach.

Playing basketball, going to music concerts and mushroom hunting are some of my favourite things to do when I relax.

If you are open minded and eager to put an effort to get closer to your goals and further in your career path, I am sure we will make a great success story together. I love meeting new people and strategic leadership is my superpower. What’s your superpower? Let’s figure it out together!

Studies at LUT: Business Administration, 2017
Mentoring language: Finnish or English

Photo of Johanna Kamila
I get inspired from meeting new people from different backgrounds.
Johanna Kamila
Customer Lead, Telia, Finland