I'm originally from Kerava (southern Finland) and started my studies at LUT in 1998. After and during my studies at LUT, I've been living in several places like Tampere, India, Germany and now in Nurmijärvi. Work has taken me into places around Europe and a bit of Asia, thus I could say that I've been interacting with many nations and cultures around the globe.

Worklife took hold of me during my studies, but eventually I graduated in 2010 from the department of Information Technology. During my career I've been working with a variety of industries, multiple organizations and its different software development, test and DevOps teams.

Commonly said, I like to help in various ways. For example, I've been training and coaching teams in ways of working, specific tools and services, practices etc. As well I've been teaching/training a few times in a course at LUT and talking about DevOps.

Studies at LUT: Information Technology, 2010
Mentoring language: Finnish or English

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It's all about doing things efficiently with a twist of happiness.
Mikko Drocan
Senior Consultant, Circles Consulting, Finland