My name is Noora and I am a LUT Alumni from 2014 and in 100% working life since 2009. Back then, I had the privilege to experience the “Spirit of Skinnarila” and study Management and Organisations in addition to International Marketing in Lappeenranta on top of my Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences.

Nowadays, I am driving an international career, working as Partner Development Manager at Dropbox in Germany to build the European Partner ecosystem. My career has focused on digitalisation and change management in software business in Europe for several verticals like energy, banking and finance, medical equipment and devices, and manufacturing.

I am also quite an adventurer and a challenge-lover - moving to Germany in 2016 and learning to work and live in a new culture.

In my free time, I like to spend time in nature, do sports, and spend an active life with my partner and my dog. I also love cooking, good wines and traveling. I enjoy deep, fun and meaningful conversations with open-minded people who (do not) hesitate to take risks in life!

Studies at LUT: Business Administration, 2014
Mentoring language: Finnish or English

Photoof Noora Hakkarainen
I enjoy good and meaningful conversations with open-minded people!
Noora Hakkarainen
Partner Development Manager, Dropbox, Germany