Experienced in interpretation of performance metrics, handling financial data and utilisation of different data for better business decisions. I enjoy solving problems and accumulating new knowledge.

I can share my experiences with you who are in the beginning of your career or shifting to a new industry.

My strengths are in project management, financial transactions and analytical thinking as I have had the chance and possibilities to work in environments which have empowered my knowledge. I am driven by creating and understanding reasonable value-added solutions by deploying data.

In my free time, I develop my skills and try to stay up-to-date on things that are interesting to me. My hobbies are baseball and softball, both of which I actively play in Helsinki.

You are more than welcome to connect on Linkedin. I’d be happy to know more about you and how I could be of help. I am certain we will find suitable time slots fur fruitful and fun conversations to figure out the best solutions to the questions you are facing. 

Studies at LUT: International Marketing Management, 2021
Mentoring language: Finnish or English

Kairit Tahvola
I enjoy solving problems and accumulating new knowledge.
Kairit Tahvola
Business Controller, Docue Technologies Oy, Finland