I was born in a beautiful city Saint-Petersburg in Russia. After high-school I went to Polytechnic University to the department of Innovations. At those times it was very much trendy, believe me, and I wanted to study something else than Math and Physics. My bachelor diploma topic was about Agent Simulation Modelling of network subscribers. Luckily, my home university provided the possibility of double-degree diplomas in cooperation with LUT. I did not miss this opportunity and enrolled to the program. In LUT I studied Global Management of Innovation and Technology. As for my Masters research project I explored various possibilities that would increase the accuracy of Ensto's demand forecasting model.

After the graduation I continued my career path with Ensto, for which I am very grateful to them. I moved to Porvoo and worked at Ensto for about 6 years at Operations, and after that I decided to continue with DeliveryHero Finland (Foodora) and do something great and remarkable for its Operations in Finland. After a year and a half of managing Foodora performance in Finland, I can say that in Operations there are a lot of similarities between Manufacturing and IT companies.

I am currently working for Neste. Despite my love and sincere interest in supply chains and operational processes, I decided to try something new. I am a member of the investment projects digitalization team, my main focus lies in the field of data quality management.

I do lots of things in my free time. I like to paint, I already had 2 personal art exhibitions. I love sports, singing in a choir and learning languages. I have also been doing business for a year now, helping companies find solutions to various problems in the field of operational optimization and data analytics.

I will be very happy to share my experience and be a mentor to any student who is good with numbers, is not afraid to try and learn something new and sees a deep meaning in the endless self-development and self-improvement.

Studies at LUT: Industrial Engineering, 2015
Mentoring language: English

Valentina Smelova
I will be very happy to share my experience with a student who is not afraid to try and learn something new.
Valentina Smelova
Development Manager, Neste, Finland