I started my studies at LUT, or actually Lappeenrannan teknillinen korkeakoulu, which then became LUT, back in 1998 and graduated 2005. My major was International Marketing, and I studied autumn 2000 in Brussels, Belgium as part of my studies. I have been working full time since 2003 mostly in sales and marketing positions and almost all that time in businesses in, or related to, automotive industry. I have experience, for example, on working as a manager of a sales team, customer service team, and have been responsible of business lines and marketing team. Currently I work as Resale Business Partner as part of European wide Euromaster group level organization, responsible for contract negotiations, supplier relationships and cooperation with local businesses.

I wanted to be a mentor to help a person in the early steps of the career. I think I have most to give for someone interested in sales and marketing, and interested working in an international organization and/or environment. My wish for the mentee would be that this person would be open minded, motivated to learn, and would possibly challenge and “update” myself a bit.

Studies at LUT: International Marketing, 2005
Mentoring language: Finnish or English

Vesa Lindén
I have most to give for someone interested in sales and marketing in an international environment.
Vesa Lindén
Resale Business Partner Nordics, Suomen Euromaster Oy, Finland