I am Ville Koskelainen, a 40-year-old electrical engineer living in Kouvola with my family. I graduated from LUT university in 2013, where I majored in electrical engineering and specialized in transmission and distribution networks. My minor was energy technology, with nuclear energy as a subspecialty. In addition, I have a previous B.Sc degree in electronics and communication technology, as well as a vocational degree in electronics..

I have quite a versatile working career, which started as an instrumentation technician intern at Stora Enso paper mill in 1999. After that I worked as an electronics designer for a few years and as a teacher in a vocational school for multiple years. On top of that, I have also worked abroad: three months in the UK during my vocational studies, and one year in the US while working on my university thesis.

Since 2014, I have been working at the Google data center in Hamina. In my current role as the electrical plant engineer, I mostly concentrate on the reliability, maintenance and project related aspects of the data center.

I decided to apply to the LUT mentoring program, because my work at the data center includes a certain level of mentoring, and I thought I might have something to give to university students. I would prefer mentoring students who are studying in the field of electrical engineering. For me, a suitable mentee would have a Rick & Morty type of dark sense of humor. 

Studies at LUT: Electricity Distribution & Market, 2013
Mentoring language: Finnish or English

Ville Koskelainen
For me, a suitable mentee would have a Rick & Morty type of dark sense of humor. 
Ville Koskelainen
Plant Engineer, Tuike Finland Oy, Finland